Cut & Style

Emerging Stylist

Womens $84 |Mens $49|Children $34 | College $67

Senior Stylist

Womens $98 |Mens $58 |Children $44 | College $67

Advanced Stylist

Womens $102 |Mens $65 |Children $44 | College $67

Executive Stylist

Womens $108 |Mens $71

Blowave & Styling

After Colour Blowaves from $43

Stand-alone Blowaves from $57

Red Carpet Blowaves & Hair Ups from $86

Colouring Services

Foils & Highlights from

1/4 Head $128

1/2 Head $144

Full Head $175

Balayage $200

Global Colours from

Regrowth $128

Short $150

Medium $140

Long $160

Global Lightening (also known as Bleach on Scalp) First time application from $180 Retouch applications from $135


Add onto your Color or Cut Service

K18 $43-$48

Bond Fusion $35

Miracle Elixir $33

Instant Cezanne $69

Cezanne Keratin Treatments

Classic $372

Express $220

Instant $69

Our creative stylists have varying years of experience and training behind them, which is reflected in the price of your Hair Cut & Style. Emerging stylists have less than 4-years in the industry. Our Seniors have 4-7 years experience, Advanced stylists 7-15 years, and Executive 15years +

We deliver gorgeous muti-tonal results and consistent colours with Keune. Formulated with PPD this colour brand has been delivering consistant results since 1922!. Multiple choices and technologies offered within the range allow is to take your colour to the next level allowing for creativity, versatility, and next level customization of colour.


Cezanne is our Keratin smoothing treatment of choice. Cezanne tames frizzy, unruly hair for up to 5months. Unlike other keratin smoothing treatments, ours is free of formaldehyde and harsh chemicals, requires no downtime and gives you endless styling options.